Julia Fox feel really safe in her relationship when around Kanye West

Julia Fox recently spoke about her relationship with Kanye West

Julia said 'They have a lot of love for each other and have had “an instant connection” since the meeting.'

Fox has spoken to Interview Magazine again about her recent outing with Kanye from Los Angeles. Julia Fox addressed Madonna and addressed the pictures that hit her Instagram.

 She said, “I had a date with Madonna, but obviously knew I would be inviting Kanye because we work together and know each other.”

Her figure emphasized that they were very different in some ways but had a connection that was instant.

She added, "I remember slogging through it all. Just waiting for that reward that I knew was going to come in the end, and I knew just how f*****g miserable it would be in the beginning"...

"if I didn't hang with it.’ Then, a few days later, there he was and we really hit it off. It was instant and natural. We feel so safe together. He’s like my world, a redemption story.".

Recently Kanye West announced he has been dating Fox. He also gave a lot of insight regarding his ex-wife

In addition to that, Kim Kardashian & Julia Fox talked about how he felt about her new relationship with Pete Davidson.

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