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Friday, June 21, 2024

    Cameron Diaz

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    Cameron Diaz once said “Your regrets aren’t what you did, but what you didn’t do. So, I take every opportunity.” Her words resonate her attitude towards life. As a proven Hollywood star, she has achieved those things in life that most people can only dream of.

    But what separates her from the crowd is the fact that she has done everything ‘her way’, and that’s why she doesn’t regret anything. Whether it is the gorgeous fresh-faced 21-year old Tina in ‘The Mask’ who literally stole Jim Carey’s heart or the brash and reckless Christina Walters in ‘The Sweetest Thing’, Diaz has done the cheesiest roles with unmatched style.

    That is not to say she hasn’t had her fair share of serious roles. But she has always been regarded as a bankable actress in sexy, romantic and comedy roles.

    Cameron is a proven star with mainstream appeal. She can transition effortlessly from the girl-next-door to a sensational diva. Cameron Diaz is now happily married and retired from the industry. But over the years, she has left an indelible mark on the industry and will live in the minds, hearts and souls of the fans.

    Cameron Diaz’s Relationships

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    Cameron Diaz was popularly known as the eternal Bachelorette of Hollywood until she finally tied the knot with Benji Madden, an American rocker, in Jan, 2015. With the present Cameron Diaz husband, she has a daughter Raddix Madden.

    Her relationship list starts from her time as a model. As a new entrant into the fashion industry, she was swooped off her feet by Carlos de la Torre. Like a wide-eyed fresher, she fell for the handsome hunk. But when Cameron started taking long strides in her acting career, the romance died down as the couple were unable to spend time together. 

    Next in line was Matt Dillon, who was her co-star in ‘There’s Something About Mary’. The couple dated for three years, but eventually decided to part ways.

    Cameron Diaz and Jared Leto kept their romance hidden to the public eye for a long time. No accurate timeline is established for their affair, but it was reported that they finally separated in 2003.

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    One of the most publicized and popular romantic relationship was between Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. The fans simply adored the Nsync star alongside Diaz. It was expected that they will take the next step in their relationship, but it simply did not happen for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, after their almost 4-year romance, they decided to stay on good terms and even worked alongside each other in movies like ‘Bad Teacher’ and ‘Shrek 3’.

    In the coming years, Diaz was associated with some of the prominent names in the celebrity world like the baseball star Alex Rodriguez (baseball star) and Paul Sculfor (a British model and former flame of Jennifer Aniston). 

    But no relationship came to fruition and everybody named her the eternal bachelorette until she finally met Benji. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden have been married nearly 6 years and still going strong.

    Cameron Diaz’s Beliefs and Interests

    Cameron Diaz has a catholic heritage but she does not practice any religion. She is very open-minded and prefers spirituality to any specific religion. As far as politics is concerned, she believes in liberal ideology and is a supporter of the Democratic party. 

    As far as hobbies are concerned, she likes to surf and knit in her free time. She likes the color blue and absolutely loves to devour fried food items like French fries and fried chicken. Considering her figure, it is hard to imagine how she maintains that look with such calorie-rich food.

    Cameron Diaz Early Life and Modelling

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    Cameron Diaz is a Virgo, born on 30th August in 1972. Her mother Billie was an agent for import/export and her father was a foreman for an oil company in California. She has Spanish ancestry from her father’s side, and her mother has English/German roots. Such a dazzling mix of genetics is probably the reason behind her gorgeous personality.

    Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Diaz attended Los Cerritos Elementary School for her early education. She finished her schooling from Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

    She was from a low-income family and aspired to achieve bigger things in her life. So, after finishing school, she joined Elite Model Management company as a youthful 16-year old. She had moderate success in her modelling career, the highlight of which was ads for Levi’s, Calvin Klein and Coca Cola.

    But just like the good, there was also bad and ugly. She featured in an S&M lingerie campaign and posed topless. Later, she was blackmailed for the same by the photographer who took those pictures. Diaz filed a lawsuit against him, which she ultimately won and put the early-life mistake behind her. 

    Cameron Diaz Career

    Instant Success

    There are very few actors who get instant success, and Cameron Diaz is one of them. She became a sex symbol with her very first movie ‘The Mask’. She looked breathtaking and won the hearts of millions with her superb acting performance alongside Jim Carey.

    Later, she starred in ‘Feeling Minnesota’ alongside the talented Keanu Reeves. The film did not do well, but Cameron Diaz’s aggressive sexuality in the role she portrayed was appreciated by the critics.

    In 1997, she acted alongside one of the biggest Hollywood stars in Julia Roberts. She held her own with her acting skills and the movie ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ became a major box-office hit. 

    Journey to Stardom and Versatile Roles

    Although Cameron Diaz was already famous before she did ‘There’s Something About Mary’, her role as the titular Mary only transported her to greater heights. For many of her fans, the role still holds great significance as it defines Cameron Diaz’s strongest attributes as an actor – irrepressible, sexy and smart.

    There have been many actresses who have been labelled as frivolous for doing such glamorous roles, but Cameron is definitely different in this regard. May be there’s something about Mary, may be there isn’t, but there’s definitely something about Cameron Diaz!

    After tasting great success, she started to break her image stereotype by doing different kind of roles. ‘Being John Malkovich’ was a weird yet solid entertainer. She won critical acclaim for her role as the wife of a puppeteer who gets transported literally inside the body of John Malkovich.

    She also tasted great success in action genre with ‘Charlie’s Angels’, where she acted alongside veterans like Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. More innovative movies followed with ‘Vanilla Sky’ alongside Tom Cruise being one of the most creative ones. 

    In ‘Gangs of New York’, Cameron Diaz starred alongside Leonardo Di Caprio to deliver another critically-acclaimed performance. No longer Cameron’s image was confined to sexy/comical. On the contrary, she was now regarded as a versatile and talented actress.

    An Established Superstar and Retirement

    Since then, she has played several iconic roles in movies of all varieties. She has been part of the very successful Shrek franchise, and has delivered the voice for the popular character Fiona.

    She starred alongside Tom Cruise again in the 2010 comedy cum action movie ‘Knight and Day’. Although the movie was laughed at by critics initially, it later became a sleeper hit. Cameron Diaz has also starred in the superhero flick ‘The Green Hornet’ (2011) alongside Seth Rogen.

    Her over-the-top sexuality in movies like ‘Bad Teacher’ and ‘The Sweetest Thing’ has bolstered her image as a brazen and bold actress who is not afraid of the critics. The last movie that Cameron Diaz starred in was a musical called ‘Annie’. Nowadays, Cameron Diaz is officially retired and living a happy family life with her hubby and kids.


    Cameron Diaz net worth is estimated at 140 million US dollars. Most of her earnings are from her movies, but some part of her fortune has been accumulated via endorsement deals. Cameron Diaz movies that have her in the leading role have garnered a combined box office collection of 5.5 billion US dollars.

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