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    5 things Taylor Swift can teach us about business

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    Taylor Swift is a prime example of the success that can come from taking risks and chasing dreams. Her journey is proof that “it’s worth it” to go after what you want.

    1. Taylor Swift has been self-aware and has projected this through her lyrics, branding, social media, and interviews.

    2. She is not afraid to take risks and break boundaries with her music.

    3. She is an inspiration for young women who have had enough of society’s expectations for them to fit into one size or type (i.e., skinny white woman).

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    4. She embraces her personal flaws, which only makes her more relatable as a celebrity idol to many fans.

    5. Though she may be rich and famous now, Taylor Swift never forgot where she came

    1. Swift’s Fearless and Self-Aware Personal Branding Campaign

    The Swift’s Fearless and Self-Aware Personal Branding Campaign is the perfect example of how tech companies are trying to build a personality for themselves. They are trying to make their products more accessible to people and they want to make it easier for the consumers to get attracted.

    One way that tech companies are doing this is by using their own employees as brand ambassadors. This way, they can promote their products from an insider perspective rather than from an outsider perspective. In this case, Swift’s Fearless and Self-Aware Personal Branding Campaign was effective in making sure that people could see behind the scenes of Taylor Swift’s life and learn about what she does professionally as well as personally.

    2. Successfully Breaking Out of Country Music Genre to Achieve Superstardom

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    Taylor Swift is one of the most successful musicians of all time. She has broken records in many different ways and we can look to her as an example for breaking out of the typical country music genre.

    In 2008, Taylor Swift was picked up by Big Machine Records in Nashville, Tennessee, and spent more than a year trying to break out of the country music genre to achieve superstardom. She released her self-titled first album, Taylor Swift in 2006 which consisted solely of country music songs. In 2007, she signed with a talent manager and tried to make a pop album without any success until 2008 when she released her second album titled “Fearless.”

    3. Swift’s Push for Equality in the Music Streaming Industry

    Around the turn of the millennium, the music industry experienced a considerable shift. In 1999, Napster emerged and was followed by a multitude of other music streaming services. This led to an enormous decline in the sales of CDs and records. Streaming services provide users with access to an unlimited number of songs at any time from any device for a small fee, which makes them infinitely more convenient than CDs or records.

    Apple Music is one example of these new streaming services that has managed to capitalize on this shift in consumer behavior and has come out as one of the leading players in the industry with its over 27 million paying subscribers (The Verge). However, Apple Music has not been without its controversies. It’s been criticized for focusing on mainstream artists rather than independent ones and for providing unequal pay structures for male and

    4. Keeping It Real – Taylor Swift’s Authenticity Matters

    Taylor Swift’s authenticity is one of the reasons for her success. She has a deep emotional connection with her fans. Her songs have a strong, personal quality that many other pop songs lack.

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    She was able to grow up in front of the public without seeming like she was trying to grow up too fast. Her lyrics are still relatable to teenagers and young adults even though she is a couple years older than them.

    This section explores how Taylor Swift’s authenticity matters in her music and how it has helped her career so far.

    5. Swift’s Habit of Building Relationships and Collaborations With Other Artists

    Taylor Swift has made it a habit to build relationships with other artists. The examples of this are her collaborations with Justin Bieber, Eminem, and Ed Sheeran. This has allowed her to work with a wide variety of people and explore different sounds, all while expanding her fanbase.

    Swift’s habit of building relationships and collaborations may seem strange at first, but she has found great success in working with other artists. By collaborating she is able to increase her fanbase and work on different styles of music while still taking the time to release a pop album like 1989 or an acoustic album like Red.

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